About us

Everyone has a dream and if you don’t pursue it and make it come true, it will always remain a dream! Our dream is now a reality: our own guesthouse.

In 2016 we started our search for a location near Valencia to start a guesthouse. It’s impossible to describe how many homes we have visited, what a search. We finally arrived at our current location in Godelleta in October 2017 and it was love at first sight.
July 2018 we traveled to Spain to sign for our house.

2020 should be our year, but then there was and still is Corona came. What a terrible downer that was and we almost saw our dream fall apart. However, we didn’t give up and did a lot of things to make our location even more beautiful and complete.

We hope to welcome you all from now, we are ready for it and can’t wait to welcome you here in beautiful Spain!

X Geert and Colinda

We look forward seeing you!

Please contact us personally to make a reservation or discuss your wishes.